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Survey Says…Bill's Music Family Plays the ‘Feud!

Survey Says…Bill's Music Family Plays the ‘Feud!

In April of 2021 the Higgins family of Bill’s Music in Catonsville “Music City”, MD finally got the call they had been hoping for. They were heading to Georgia to tape their favorite game show- The Family Feud! After auditioning once in 2016 and not hearing back from the show, the Higgins family never gave up on their dream and submitted a second audition tape in January of 2021.  They were immediately invited to have a live audition over Zoom with one of the show’s staff members. Matching outfits in tow- Nancy, Brian, Tracey, Leni and Jamie got together in an upstairs office at Bill’s Music to interview and play a ‘mock’ game of the Feud. They must have nailed it because just a few weeks later they were filling out contestant forms and making plans to head to Atlanta, GA for a taping. Along with tons of excitement came a vital question- “Who is going to watch the store while we’re gone?!” This would be the first time in the last 20 years that at least one Higgins wasn’t in the store.  With gratitude in their voices, the family explains that Bill’s Music team members both present and past, pulled together to make it happen. 


The team of 5 participated in family practice sessions each week including one where the Catonsville community formed teams to compete against them at a local restaurant Iamps at Jennings Café to help the group prepare for their big chance to win $20,000. Leading up to their taping the anticipation grew, as did the number of Family Feud Episodes they watched each day for what they referred to as ‘training’. “The fun and laughs our family shared while planning for this experience was equally as memorable as being on the show itself!” said Jamie.


Finally, the day came where they would get to press that buzzer and hear the show’s hilarious host Steve Harvey say the two words they had waited to hear in person- “Survey Says!”.  While in Georgia, they were able to tape 2 episodes of the show, meet up with some extended family and make new friends that would last a lifetime. Though the family is not able to disclose if they came home with any cash until the episode airs later this year, they say the memories made during this experience were priceless, something they wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.

And they meant it.

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