VoIP Phone System - Free Consultation

Our free phone service consult is a chance to discuss business phone system options that make sense for your situation. Typically we visit your site but it's fine to simply start the discussion with a phone call. Call JustRight Technology (http://www.justright.com) at 410-747-2001 and reach Ray at extension 101.

VoIP Phone Solutions Features: 

  • Stable - keep your existing phone numbers and never miss a call - we manage the migration seamlessly 
  • Flexible - work from home, in the office, or on the go, these systems allow you to answer and forward calls, and manage voice mail, from any location or from your smart phone - and it always appears as if you are calling from your office - great for offices with multiple locations or work-from-home employees
  • Affordable - implement a full-featured phone system that requires no expensive internal hardware or maintenance costs

We partner with a national service provider, as your advocate, and we make sure that your internal network is cabled and configured correctly for optimal voice quality. You have the option to include new phones as part of your monthly phone service or to buy them up-front, at affordable prices.

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